Scary Librarian Skills

by mlarents

Last week, mah gurl Pam wrote a super post about developing professionally and working outside of her comfort zone.  It was refreshing to read; Pam articulated a lot of things I’ve been thinking about and helped me feel not so alone.  She ended her post by stating that she needed to type out some of her fears and some of her goals to hold herself accountable.  I thought it was a pretty genius idea, so I’m going to go ahead and copy her (thanks, Pam!  I’ll send your royalty check later).

I have an irrational fear of failure.  Because of this, I’m generally attracted to things where I think I’ll naturally excel.  When looking at the course catalog, I was initially attracted to classes on social media, storytelling, and instruction- all of which I have some sort of professional experience in.  Would I do well?  Probably.  Would I challenge myself and become more marketable?  Probably not.

The fright of failure is real, but my love for this field is slowly swallowing that anxiety.  So this is me promising to purposefully jump into the unknown.  I’m scared, sure, but I’m also excited about being scared.  I want more skills, I want new knowledge pockets, I want BADASS LIBRARIAN tattooed on my forehead.  Ok, maybe not that last part, but you get what I’m saying.

This past Saturday, I started making an online resume/portfolio.  I don’t really know what I’m doing quite yet, but I want it to be live by spring semester.  I’m taking the Information Visualization course next semester, and will probably scream about big data and graphic design for months.  But I’ll get some cool new skills along the way.  I’m working on getting comfortable talking about myself and articulating my strengths to potential employers.  It’s all new, it’s all terrifying, but it’s all prepping me to become a well-rounded, marketable librarian.  Hopefully.

Pam and I can’t be alone.  How are you stretching yourself?  What are you scared about?  Let’s be scared together; holding hands makes me feel better.