Epic Librarian Time

by mlarents

I hope it’s evident in the video, but Amanda and I had buckets of fun with this. Admittedly, we were a little stressed out in the planning stages. We threw around a lot of ideas, one of which involved Amanda in a fairy costume dropping handfuls of glitter on my head, but nothing felt right.

Our first step in planning was writing down what being a librarian means to us; what we get out of the degree and why we chose this field. Though we came up with some beautiful sentiments, nothing seemed keen for the screen. We knew we wanted to do live action, no slides or photo montages, while keeping it entertaining. Lengthy soliloquies were quickly thrown out. We wanted to look at this lightheartedly, how could we bring non-librarians into the conversation?

And then, the epiphany: Epic Mealtime. The web-series is, how to say, completely and totally ridiculous? We chose some key words we had written during that first planning stage and structured our “recipe” around that. We made lasagna because.. we wanted lasagna.

The next step was watching hours and hours of Epic Mealtime. We noted their vernacular and posture. We librarian-ed it up and found their background music and the noise they use to bleep out expletives. It’s a parody, after-all, and we wanted to be thorough.

Filming was the easy part. Amanda and I (other roommate Jen, too) do a lot of cooking in our house. So most of filming was just recording us doing stuff we do every day anyway (with some “haters” and steely gazes thrown in for good measure).

We hope our little video makes librarians laugh and non-librarians wanting to know more. How would you “make/cook/prepare” a librarian? What are the necessary ingredients? Let me know what you think down in the comments.